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Everest John Alexander - Bible Teacher and AuthorA native of Trinidad and Tobago, Everest John Alexander received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior on Thursday August 11th 1988 at about 4:30pm in his living room.

He was surrounded by his wife, Loraine along with her cousin, Debbie and one of his closest friends, Troy, who personally led him to the Lord along with Troy's wife, Diane who was instrumental in his conversion that day.


For the 8 years prior to becoming born again Everest was involved with the Occult.

He embarked on a truth-seeking journey between the ages of 17 to 25 but unfortunately was looking in all the wrong places.

He studied Esoteric Astrology and read books by Linda Goodman, Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce.

He studied some literature on 
The Rosicrucian Order and Eckancar.

He read through the Bhagavad Gita (Bhag-Wah-Ghee-Tah) and parts of the Koran.

But he mostly got his teaching from Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, famed Tibetan Monk and Author of "The Third Eye" along with 20 other books.

Everest read all 20+ books by this author and considered himself a Buddhist for several years.

He was, however, a member of a pseudo-christian church when he was physically attacked one night by a demonic spirit who was hell bent on killing him.

During this ordeal, he called on the name of Jesus which literally saved his life.

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After this experience he started attending another so-called christian church which read from the Bible and used the name of Jesus but in practice and doctrine was very far from God.

It was in this environment that he became infested with demons imitating the Holy Spirit during service one night.

Not long after this experience, God mercifully snatched him from the jaws of hell and gloriously and wonderfuly saved and delivered him from every occultic spirit and demonic influence.

After his salvation and deliverance Everest began demonstrating authority over demonic spirits with keen God-given insight into spiritual warfare and tactics.

Understandably, he also developed an intense hatred for the occult and religion of every kind, seeing it for what it truly is... one of the greatest tools satan uses to destroy lives and keep people in spiritual bondage and darkness.

Dr Myles Munroe said, "Religion is man's search for God but when he couldn't find God he made the journey the destination."

Based on Dr Munroe's definition, we must acknowledge that religion is a failure because God isn't lost and that's why man could never find Him.

That's also why true Bible Christianity succeeds, because the foundation of Bible Chistianity is God's search for lost man, not the other way around.

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save those who are lost." Luke 19:10


Everest was ordained a Five-fold Ministry Teacher in 1993 after receiving two separate prophetic words from two different Men of God in 1991.

Each prophetic word confirmed that God had called him to teach the Word of God to His people everywhere.

In 1995 he received the laying on of hands by a mighty Prophet of God during which the Lord said to him, "I am giving you an anointing this day and what you do with it will tell throughout eternity."

After this, Brother Everest began experiencing an increase in the demonstration of the power of God in his mInistry.

He began seeing the Holy Spirit move mightily in the operation of Laying on of Hands along with the manifestation of the Gifts of Prophecy, The Word of Knowledge and The Word of Wisdom, with pinpoint accuracy.

In 1996 God spoke to him in a dream saying, "Your Ministry will be exactly like Paul and exactly like Jesus, it will be characterized by three things; great power, great revelation and great persecution. The people you are sent to minister to will persecute you the most."

One year later God instructed him to launch Light and Truth Ministries.


Before entering into full time ministry Everest experienced a profound paradign shift in one of his fundamental doctrines.

While being ministered to by friends, Dirk and Carol Richards the Holy Spirit showed him a vision in which He specifically revealed to him the assurance of salvation as a Biblical truth and delivered him from the spirit of legalism.

From that moment he became consumed with teaching Believers they can neither lose, nor give up their salvation but salvation was indeed an eternal gift, just as the Bible taught.

In 2010 God introduced him to the teaching of Pastor Joseph Prince which completely revolutionized his understanding of the Covenant of Grace.

This new revelation from God's Word only served to solidify and crystalize his understanding of the assurance of salvation.


Everest has since written several Christian Books which have blessed people in 16 Countries on 5 Continents around the world.

His flagship Book is called,
Understanding The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body

He followed this up with, Understanding the War on Terrorism: A Legacy of Two Brothers.

Most recently he authored  
Understanding How to Pray Effectively 

He has several new books in various stages of development including his very first Novel.

He has also created and published two comprehensive Online  Bible Study Courses:

Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation

2) Personal Evangelism: 7 Keys to Success

Covenant Partners of get free access to all his Bible Study material, including all his Ebooks and Online Bible Study Courses.

Every Sunday Brother Everest teaches a Bible Study Class at his home in Florida where he lives with his wife of over 30 years, Lady Loraine Alexander.

They have an adult son, Andrew, a 
daughter, Jade and a grandson named, Noah.

Apart from teaching the word of God, Everest also enjoys watching movies, website designing and creative writing.

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